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Viciousness In Boxing


In the sport of boxing, there is a viciousness there that isn’t apparent in other sports. Many boxers are naturally tough guys, and many do not come from the best neighborhoods. In a sport that simulates combat in a sport environment, animosity and intention to do harm to the opponent is quite common. This is especially apparent in sparring when boxers from other gyms visit.

The first Andre Dirrell vs. Jose Uzcategu match between the super-middleweights, which also had the IBF Interim World Championship title, ended in controversy following Uzcategui’s disqualification for throwing a punch after the bell sounded in the 8th round.
Not surprisingly, his uncle became incensed over this, but nobody expected him to sucker punch the dude.

Bill Clancy disqualified Uzcategui, who declared the punch intentional and ruled Dirrell the winner, and Dirrell could not continue. Uzcategui was winning the bout in those eight rounds on 2 of the 3 judges’ scorecards. Dirrell’s camp told the referee that he won’t be able to continue the bout after Uzcatique’s hard hitting hook to the jaw after the bell.

Felonious assault charges against Lawson have been downgraded to a misdemeanor assault charge, but the lawyers of Uzcategui are already planning to seek punitive damages once the criminal case in Prince George’s County, Maryland, has been resolved.

[Article] The Issues With Prisons


The subject of prisons is a very delicate matter in the United States. This is due to the inefficient justice system which has the tendency to put individuals found guilty of illicit substances charges for many years, while those with serious crimes with another human as a victim may get less years.

Regardless, in the prisons meant for individuals with serious offenses, there is a strange hierarchy. The prisoners are controlled by the guards only if they want to be controlled. These individuals have nothing to lose, and many of these prisons are full of degeneracy. Guards cannot be forceful like the older times for humane reasons, and thus prisons have become a nonstop struggle between inmates and guards. Of course, corruption changes this dynamic.

One of the main factors determining the self-esteem and dignity of a prisoner is living conditions in a prison. Prisoners experiencing humane conditions of detention will be more willing to respond to programs of rehabilitation. Those who have punitive and maltreatment conditions on the contrary are likely to return to a society that is psychologically shattered and in poor or worse condition of their physical and mental health than when entering.

No country other than America prisoners a larger proportion of its citizens. Their jail rate — 693 per 100,000 — is almost five times that of Britain, six times that of Canada and fifteen times that of Japan. And it masks enormous variations: Washington, DC, Louisiana and Georgia each have more than one in every 100 residents locked up. Why is that?

[Article] Is Spinning Back Fist Effective?


The spinning back fist is a peculiar punch that was popularized by MMA, and not so much by boxing. This is because in boxing, it is illegal to strike with the back of the fist. You will also see this move in kickboxing. Regardless, it is not used often in any sport.

The spinning back first calls for spinning your body in almost a 360 degree motion to strike the opponent with the back of your first. It can be sneaky to those who don’t expect it, but at the same time it is the most telegraphed punch. One can generate a fair amount of torque in it, but it will not compare to a full power hook. Using it opens you up, but punches you don’t see coming hurt the most.

The spinning back fist is basically the longest course to target you could take, requires the you to be on the line of your oppositions punch for the time it takes to complete the delivery and unless executed flawlessly will leave you off balance. The goods are that it could take an opponent by surprise, but against anyone other than a newbie it’s really just going to create perfect countering opportunity.

A properly executed spinning back fist is one of the most powerful hand techniques in existence. Most people don’t know how to do it properly, especially the footwork involved. The famous “Shonnie Cater backfist” knockout of Matt Serra is a good example of poor execution, but even that poorly executed technique knocked the guy out.

[Article] Are Flying Kicks Effective?


Kicks are some of the most iconic strikes in martial arts culture. In fact, they are favored because they are much more powerful than punches, despite being more risky. Boxing is what made punching more popular. A person’s legs are much more stronger than their arms by their nature, and your legs account for a large percentage of your body weight. Along with this, the legs are also longer than the arms.

If you know how to transfer power from your legs, through your core to your arm, you can deliver a lot of force, all of it going into your opponent. And, having contact with floor, you can change direction if appropriate.

Based on this, you have a very dangerous tool if you can use it right. The more flashy strikes are the flying kicks. These kicks are very flashy, but they generally aren’t very strong compared to grounded kicks. This is because grounding yourself enables you to generate much more force.

They’re are several defenses against the move. They all exploit the power of momentum and lack of support. Once the kick is started, you can’t pull it back. Your momentum carries your body through. Any endeavor to stop the kick leaves you wide open to counter attacks. You are a flying target at least.

A lot of showy techniques can be wrecking if they connect, but they’re large movements, so the likelihood of landing one on a clear opponent is very low. If they’re incapacitated in any way, that likelihood rises.

Spinning Backfist Knockouts In MMA


The spinning back fist is a peculiar punch that was popularized by MMA, and not so much by boxing. This is because in boxing, it is illegal to strike with the back of the fist. You will also see this move in kickboxing. Regardless, it is not used often in any sport.

It is best thrown after missing with a punch or a kick: rotate and follow up with the spinning backfist. It is known a “backfist” due to the fact you make contact with the back of your hand, on the other hand you can also hit with the bottom of your fist and turn it into a bolo punch.

The spinning back first calls for spinning your body in almost a 360 degree motion to strike the opponent with the back of your first. It can be sneaky to those who don’t expect it, but at the same time it is the most telegraphed punch. One can generate a fair amount of torque in it, but it will not compare to a full power hook. Using it opens you up, but punches you don’t see coming hurt the most.

The back fist technique permits you to have an additional range when attacking your opponent since you’re able to extend your arm out. On the opposite aspect, the spinning back elbow is used employed as a close range weapon because of its tighter range of motion.

[Article] Importance In Protecting Your Nose In Altercations


The nose serves a vital function in the sustainment of life. We intake air from it, and the nostrils filter air and prevent excessive moisture loss. Breathing through the mouth is an alternative but is best suited for exhaling during exercise, as the air doesn’t get filtered.

The nose also contains blood vessels, which is the cause of nose bleeds where large amounts of blood is lost through the nose. It is extremely vulnerable to strikes, and getting hit in the right spot with the right force will cause a blood bath. Breaking it can also cause permanent negative structural changes which can be costly to fix.

MMA fighters are told not to blow their nose when in a fight. The increase in blood pressure does cause more bleeding, however a more important reason is to prevent infection. Fighters typically develop small cracks within the bone that separates their sinuses and their orbit (eye socket). Blowing their nose increases sinus pressure and forces air and sometimes bacteria into the space behind their eyes. This may cause swelling, however it can also lead to bacterial infection of the space, and probably spread of that infection to the brain.

It is a known fact that if you are a professional fighter, there’s an extremely high chance your nose will be broken. Over 90% chance. Brett Johns, for example, once said: “I’ve had four UFC fights and I’ve broken my nose in three”

[Article] The Idea Of Sucker Punches


Throwing the first strike is often the most favorable method in terms of trying to turn an altercation in your favor. After all, the hardest strike is often the one that is not expected. However that would fall into the realm of a sucker punch. In the streets, all people care about is getting the upper hand. Those that start trouble are already of dubious moral character anyway.

A sneaky punch from behind used for the element of surprise to incite the anger of potential opponent. Sometimes it is just to shock the opponent, and not to cause any real damage.

In your regular training you may practice every kind of blocks and counters to incoming punches, but what about defending against the punch that you won’t notice coming at you? The sucker punch that is! That’s a very tricky, and very scary situation.

When around these suspicious individuals, it is highly vital to never let your guard down or to let them distract you. They can use this opportunity at any time to get in a first strike. The best step is to prevent them from getting too close to you. Ideally you want to stay at least the distance of one outstretched punch plus one additional step away.

Instant Justice


Karma, a Sanskrit word that basically means “action,” is an important concept in some Eastern religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism.

Though its definitions are different depending on the faith, karma usually denotes the cycle of cause and effect — every action someone takes will affect him or her at some time in the future. This rule additionally applies to an individual’s thoughts and words, and the actions other people take under that individual’s directions.

Does karma exist? There’s a notion that when you act terrible towards others, you will meet a bad fate. In fact, I call this justice. However, time has proven again that karma does not always  apply to everyone. When they don’t get caught, cheaters win without meeting a bad end.

Despite this, it is generally accepted that doing bad things can end badly, if you victimize others. This is because there are some people that do not sit idly to such actions if it occurs in their view. In these situations, they are the bringer of karma, and the person will suffer the consequences for their actions.

[Article] Trained vs Untrained Fighter


MMA is a combination of martial arts proven to work in a combat setting. Usually, the martial arts that they learn are those that are proven and may be a sport itself, such as boxing and muay thai. These martial arts are designed to damage another human being in the most efficient and effective way possible. However, beginners often have a hard time utilizing this effectively. They will not look much better than untrained, but the fundamentals will still give them an advantage.

Naysayers who are often haters with no training will claim that it is just a sport, and is not the same when a real situation occurs. While it’s true that some adjustments can be made, even a little bit of training can easily carry over. When the trained individual is highly experienced, it is another story.

You cannot fight a trained fighter if you had no training yourself, and you cannot use weapons unless you’re in danger or serious physical damage.

A lot of individuals seriously underestimate the distinction training and skill make. Somebody with even just a couple of years of MMA training will beat you. (This is true for any combat sport or sports in general, whether it’s Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, judo, jiu jitsu, or wrestling.)

Any person can make that one punch that drops the opponent – luck plays a big part, but motivation is a big problem, too. Any person who steps into an altercation, and I mean anyone, has a 50/50 chance of winning from the start – one perfectly timed punch and it’s all over. It has happened many times in history.

[Article] How Does Punching Power Work?


Punching power is reliant on carrying your body weight properly through the kinetic chain at great acceleration. Your strength in lifting does not make you accelerate faster.

Despite this, you need some type of strength to be fast, but strength gives diminishing returns. There are cases where people are so weak, that it greatly reduces their power because they just cannot generate the force. In addition to generation of force is being able to transfer it, which also requires strength. You won’t be hitting anything hard if your arm turns into a limp noodle upon contact.

Punching power is pretty complex because we aren’t just an object flying through air. Many people will bring up the basic physics formula: F=MA, where F= Force, M= Mass, and A= Acceleration. Keep in mind the difference in velocity and acceleration. Acceleration is the change in velocity while velocity is the speed at a certain point in time, in a certain direction. Though, kinetic energy formula uses velocity instead of acceleration. Regardless, F=MA gives a general idea of punching power, but not a full one.

The misconception is that M=mass is the weight of someone, and you plug in that person’s weight for this formula. This is not true. Take for example, a 200 pound man through a punch with just his arm. Now take a 180 pound man throwing a punch with his body behind it. See the difference in mass incorporation? Next comes accelerating this mass. Being overly weak will mean you cannot reach your potential for acceleration, and it will cause a decrease in power.